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Who Needs CPR Training?

Workplace Professionals

Workplace Professionals

Many offices have a safety team that know how to administer CPR as well as First Aid. An emergency can happen in the office, cafeteria, meeting room or anytime outside the office. You never know when that emergency will happen!



Babysitting is a very important and demanding job if done with responsibly. Children often choke on small bites of food and knowing what to do fast is critical. CPR and First Aid knowledge is extremely important.

Athletes & Trainers

Athletes & Trainers

Most any sport can be susceptible to extreme endurance and stress. These conditions may result in the need for CPR and First Aid, as we have seen in football games (even in high school), and other extreme sports.

Medical Personnel

Medical Personnel

All medical personnel dealing with patients and accident victims, have training in CPR and First Aid as part of their employment requirements. These care givers fortunately are required to use their talents more often than most of us, but that’s what they are ready to do.

Looking for Classes?

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About Our Classes

Our goal is to make learning CPR life saving skills as easy and enjoyable as possible. We believe this helps you understand and remember these skill for a longer period of time. You will have time to perform basic skills you learn in a relaxed classroom setting and then take a test to show how well you understand those skills. The test is not difficult and we will make sure you are comfortable with the knowledge you learned. 

The class includes adult, child and infant CPR and AED training.

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Sig McGarity and I have been a CPR instructor for 25 years. I graduated from UNF with a marketing degree and eventually became certified in X-Ray, CT, and MRI as a imaging technologist.

I enjoy teaching CPR, knowing that one of my students may help save a life one day. My students have included health care workers, teachers, day care personnel, office staff and many other professions.

I am affiliated with the American Heart Assoc as well as the American Safety and Health Institute. My CPR course covers adult, child and infant CPR as well as using the AED..(automatic external defibrillator).

Class Costs

General CPR

CPR for adult, child and infant including using the AED (External Automated Defibrillator). Includes a student card showing completion.


First Aid Training

Includes a student card showing completion.


ACLS Course

Coming Soon

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ACLS Classes Coming Soon

We look forward to training your class in the future!